A downloadable game for Windows and Android


King Defsky must hop across buildings, avoid obstacles, and defeat his enemies. Tap the left side of the screen to jump. Note that you can also do a wall jump if you jump into the vertical side of a platform. If you come across an enemy King Defsky will stop to defeat him.

Tap the right side of the screen to aim and shoot spells and tap the left side to jump and avoid his spells. Defeating an enemy will earn you extra points. If you fall too far behind, fall off a building, or lose all of your health King Defsky will die. The longer King Defsky lives, the more points you earn.

Install instructions

Defsky can be played on Windows and Android/iPhone. Though the game was built and is most enjoyed on mobile devices. One of the best ways to enjoy and modify Defsky on PC is through CoronaLab's simulator. Which can be found here: https://coronalabs.com/. Once the application is installed and the repository is cloned, open the Corona simulator and go to File -> Open Project and select "main.lua" from this repository.



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